<p><strong><em>(August 2017) Hi there, I don't visit SBM on a regular basis at the moment and I'm no longer a moderator. PM me if you want to talk to me directly, thanks.</em></strong><strong><em> </em></strong><br><br><strong><span style="font-size:36px;">Philip<sup>B</sup></span></strong><br><br>
Hello, I'm PhilipB! I've been a member here since 2005, but started posting in 2006. I became a mod 27 July 2012. I live in the UK.<br><br><strong>My Fan History</strong><br>
I first started watching SpongeBob on CiTV. We got cable TV in 2002, however it was another year or so before Nicktoons TV would arrive, and then soon after we upgraded our package so I could now watch proper Nickelodeon. Before this I had been a Cartoon Network fan, now I could watch SpongeBob daily I really got into watching the show and became a fan. You could turn the TV on at any time and be sure that SpongeBob was on, it was so big at the time that even other Viacom channels like MTV and TMF were showing it.<br><br><strong>My Movie Fan History</strong><br>
I went to see the movie in the cinema in January 2005 when it was released in the UK, at the same time I also got the movie soundtrack on CD. It has some of my favourite songs which are still awesome today, for example 'SpongeBob and Patrick Enter the Psychic Wall of Energy' by the Flaming Lips, and 'The Best Day Ever' which was later turned into an actual episode. There are some other great songs on there you should listen to as well. I also have the movie on DVD, but it's hidden away somewhere. It is a great movie and I've watched it several times through. :)<br><br><strong>My Web Fan History</strong><br>
The first message board I joined to discuss SpongeBob was NickDisk in 2004 (I was only 8 years old! I really shouldn't have been allowed to post on message boards lol). This forum is sadly no longer online but I still have good memories of it. After a year or two I joined the Jellyfish Fields Forums, which were the forums for SpongeyMedia, the number 1 SpongeBob media site at the time. I made a lot of friends on Jellyfish Fields and I still miss that site which also sadly closed down suddenly. However I had previously joined SBM, not posted for around six months, and then discovered my account again. This was in 2006, and I haven't left since.<br><br><strong>Moderating</strong><br>
As of 27th July 2012, I'm now a mod, which was unexpected but really appreciated. If you have a problem, it is best to report the post using the 'Report' button by each post, this allows all of the staff to look at it rather than just one of us, so your report will be processed quicker. However if you feel you only want to talk to me for whatever reason, feel free to PM me if you feel it is necessary.<br><br><strong>And Finally</strong><br>
There are some other stats about my association with the yellow guy below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask, unlike Squidward, in a PM. Finally - this site is amazing and I've had some great times on for the past eight years. The best thing to do is take a break every once in a while and when you come back you'll find SpongeBob is interesting again.<br><br><em><strong>SpongeBob fan for as long as I can remember.</strong></em><br><strong>First episode:</strong> Walking Small<br><strong>Favourite episode:</strong> If I had a gun to my head, The Krusty Krab Training Video<br><strong>Favourite quote:</strong> "And if there's anything else I can do, PLEASE <strong><em>hesitate</em></strong> to ask!"<br><br>
Firefox user since version 1.0, 2004. I recommend Firefox as the best web browser to view SBM and the rest of the web, committed to an open web.<br><br><a class="bbc_url" href="" title="External link"><img src="" alt="un8Wqdj.png"></a></p>