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    Random Observations

    I've also noticed that season 1 had some unique background fish that we never see again. They kept the same roster of background fish from season 2 until about season 10, when they created some new ones. I always like looking at the background fish
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    Random Observations

    Good stuff, good stuff. I'm all about this. After watching spongebob episodes probably 20 times each (up till season 8), I too look for fun tidbits like that. I've noticed Sandy's character beginning to lose her edge. From seasons 1-3, she was a radical, kooky, fun sidekick. Then her science...
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    So I paused and this happened...

    I ask how that got in there...
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    Describe The Episode In 1 Word

    Map Model Sponge
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    SpongeBob renewed for Season 13

    I absolutely love this show, but I must say I'm not too happy about this. I fear that there will be a jump the shark moment very soon (if not already). They're burnt out! We have plenty of episodes to satisfy us forever! Don't ruin SpongeBob's name!
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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    I just saw the movie, and then the special features, that guy looked so healthy. ALS a real dolphin noise. Anyway, it was pretty sad and watching those 3 features really opened my eyes a little as to how much went into this cartoon that has entertained millions
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    List of characters that return in season 9+

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    241a. Squirrel Jelly

    Sandy is one of my favorite characters on the show, and I was so glad to see not a bit of her science side here. This is like some season 2 Sandy stuff right here! Great stuff, I like that they made her imperfect here, that had not been done in FOREVER. They made her all right and just and kind...
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    What's The Best Pairing of Characters?

    Damn, I started a topic like this awhile ago but no one commented on it, lol. Oh well. I like Spongebob and Sandy and I like Squidward and Mr. Krabs. Those pairings are fun. The show should do more mixing and matching with them all.
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    Analysis of Sandy Cheeks

    This is a topic i like to discuss, good stuff here.
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    Did you mind Bubble Bass’ appearances in new seasons?

    While its weird to revive him 18 years after, it's chill. I prefer him to blend in with the background characters and just sort of 'be there' like the rest, but they'll give him distinguished roles.
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    What you want to see more of in SpongeBob regarding characters

    Sandy and Patrick for sure. Suds and I Had an Accident are some of my favorite episodes, which feature them interacting. I think they just fit, they're hilarious
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    Pinned thread Season 11 Discussion

    i absolutely HATE the new animation style. Too gag based. They don't leave time for story. Everything is so disgusting. Everyone used to hate on season 5-7 for it being disgusting, this **** is GROSS! I hate this season. 10 was fine. This one, the animation just completely ruins it for me, good...
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    164b. Pet Sitter Pat

    I laughed my ass off at this episode. It was really funny but really cruel. But man, I did not expect to laugh so much at this episode. Hadn't seen it in awhile.
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    220. The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom

    Up until season 10 his character was for comic stupidity and occasional bully roles. he is solely for gags now. He has no other meaning.