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    High School Advice Wanted

    I just got out of high school and here are some of the things that I struggled with! •Don't sign up for classes that are too advanced for you! If you feel like a class is too much than don't hesitate to switch to a lower level class regardless of what your parents say! I had to take English...
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    last night I had a dream I met Taylor Swift and we went to the pool and had a fun time! We became best friends! Anyways Taylor and I were skipping and laughing on the way back to the bus (because apparently Taylor had a big bus for all of her friends) I realized I forgot something and so I went...
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    High Hopes - Panic! At the Disco this song is not only a BOP but it also makes me happy and gives me motivation in life! :squilliam2: :sbthumbs:
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    Ice cream truck rolls around...what do you get?

    number 18 plz i am a schmoe for ice cream sandwiches
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    Pinned thread Old Member Reunion Nostalgia Regathering Topic

    omg pazza I was about to come on here and write the same thing!!!!! I have been very down the past two months coz of high school ending and my whole childhood ending i am not ready to be a sp00py adult :haylp: I don't have any friends at all (not even one!) in my life bc the people I used to...
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    I will connect anything to SpongeBob!

    connect the meaning of life to SpongeBob
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    What my friend recently did to me...

    this reminds me of what happened to me in kindergarten! one of my best friends who i sat next to on the bus just suddenly stopped talking to me one day! which was very awkward coz we had to sit next to each other on the bus! :(((((( tbh i think that is probably why i have trust issues and have...
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    SpongeBob: Comic Crazy

    BOI I actually have both of those! although sadly my Comic Crazy book went missing one day many years ago and it has never been found :patsad: but I still have Take 2! I remember Hiccup Crazy (I think that is the name) from the first one was my fav comic! :squilliam2:
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    Pinned thread The Letter Game

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    Let's talk about Math...

    I do enjoy math it makes me feel accomplished when I get stuff right but some stuff is hard! for example in math we are currently learning about trigonometric identities and we got a worksheet and I got all the answers on the front right coz they were easier but then on the back it got tricky...
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    Let's Talk About Reading...

    I used to read a whole lot when I was younger but then I grew up and all the books got boring! wtf! :planet: I actually read two chapters which is about 40 pages of a book yesterday which I have not done in YEARS and it reminded me how much I enjoy reading! I like realistic fiction books about...
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    Hai guys

    iwelcome back my friend!
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    hello there!
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift <3
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    Pinned thread Post Random Pictures