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    I have an idea for a SpongeBob episode

    I'm watching the movie "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" on Nick and I thought of how SpongeBob SquarePants can do this kind of plot Episode Title: "Cloudy with a Chance of Krabby Patties" Synopsis: Plankton invents a machine that makes Krabby Patties fall from the sky Bikini Bottom...
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    Nickelodeon Animation is expanding production

    Can't wait to see the results from their experiments...
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    Nickelodeon Animation is expanding production

    WHAT?!? Seriously? That is excellent news and MAYBE just maybe Nickelodeon is pulling themselves out of the deep dark abyss they've been stuck in for so long!
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    Nickelodeon What do you want for the 2020 Upfront this year?

    New IPs & concepts
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    I guarantee if that episode came out during SBSP's lifecycle, Joey would have mentioned SpongeBob!
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    That's true But like on an episode of Full House I watched on Nick@Nite where Joey Gladstone said: "Do we REALLY want to deny the world the next Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny?" Do we REALLY want to deny the world the next SpongeBob SquarePants?
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    Of course it will No TV show lasts forever! I recently watched an episode of Rocko's Modern Life called "Wacky Delly" and the whole thing felt like an omen or premonition for what was to come with SpongeBob SquarePants...
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    Why is Squidward written so badly now?

    The way I see it, Squidward represents the haters of the show! That's probably why he can't stand SpongeBob and wants him dead Just like how most haters want the show cancelled
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    Show News SpongeBob has been nominated for Favorite Animated Show in the 2020 Kids Choice Awards

    Surprise surprise... Why can't Nickelodeon let The Loud House win ?
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    SpongeBob's fate at the end of Hooky?!

    Girl No because they were just showing the consequences of SpongeBob disobeying Mr. Krabs by playing with the hooks Yeah since SpongeBob got his comeuppance Sure as long as they didn't show anything inappropriate Yes Although, if it was Sandy or Mrs. Puff then I don't think it would work
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    Nickelodeon Henry Danger spinoff

    No way! Nickelodeon needs to cut ALL ties with Dan Schneider after what he did!
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    Why is Squidward written so badly now?

    I noticed it too. I also hate this crap Looney Tunes/Ren & Stimpy kind of stuff! They have DEFINITELY botched Squidward's personality, which I think started with Season 11's "Bunny Hunt" since that episode felt more like LT and R& S. This is part of why I no longer care about SpongeBob SquarePants!
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    SpongeBob NEEDS a Groundhog Day "time loop" episode

    WHY hasn't this show done a plot like that yet? Even Breadwinners had an episode where Swaysway and Buhdeuce were reliving the same day over & over again SpongeBob SquarePants should be the next show to attempt this plot! What do you think? Thanks in advance!
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    Nickelodeon Reality shows are Nickelodeon's new direction

    An interview with Rob Bagshaw the person in charge of unscripted programming revealed that reality shows are the new strategy for Nick moving forward I should have seen this coming with America's Most Musical Family, Top Elf, The Substitute, etc But does that mean they're de-emphasizing...
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    Kobe Bryant has died in helicopter crash

    Helicopter crash NOT plane crash