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  1. A SpongeBob Movie Idea: The Little Mer-Sponge

    Well, it'll fit in with the show because it'll introduce a new family of mer-people who move into Bikini Bottom. :) I'll explain that in another thread. :) Adn why not? i said it could involve two types of animation. Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like if two different types of...
  2. A SpongeBob Movie Idea: The Little Mer-Sponge

    This is an idea for another SpongeBob Movie. This time revolving around the classic fairy tale, "The Little Mermaid". I call it: "The SpongeBob Movie: The Little Mer-Sponge" Here's a summary of the movie: When King Neptune is planning to sign a treaty with the ruler of the Japanese Seas...
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    Thanks, everybody. :)
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    Hi, everybody. :) My name is ian. Usually, I'm a Looney Tunes fan. But I gotta give props to SpongeBob. :) He's has 10 successful seasons! :D And 2 movies to boot! With another one on the way. I happen to have some ideas involving a movie and a 2-part special event. Is there a place on...