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    221a. No Pictures, Please

    Rube's an endearing guy, one could say he's amazing but that'd be a bit of a stretch, eh?
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    Twitter bans cp art

    I selfishly am unbothered because the fewer bland anime girls I have to see from western artists, the better. It's all too homogenized. Also the whole pedo stuff* has got to stop. Tired of these people running around unchecked.
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    What is your favorite post 2nd movie season? 9b, 10, or 11? ( not counting 12 because that's season is not complete or halfway complete)

    10 and 11 equally. The "why are you doing this?" moments mentioned above are why I started watching spongebob again, after not doing so since about 2004. It excites me when things aren't acceptable by normal standards.
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    Nickelodeon Nickelodeon reboots

    I laughed way too hard at this... Anywho, I don't think with the new pres at Nick tht we will be getting a plethora of reboots. The guy seems to have a very strict idea of how he will run Nick, and it looks like he's not even going to let Nick follow through with releasing the Rocko special--or...
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    Nickelodeon Nickelodeon reboots

    I would like for Nickelodeon to actually release the Rocko special because as far as I can tell, mr new president is being an egomaniac about Nick and has put that special on the backburner.
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    243b. The Ballad of Filthy Muck

    Yeah I can get grouchy, but I'm not talking to you, though. That "you guys" is a genuine comment at the large amount of depressed people who mistakenly believe X form of media to be genuinely bad because they can't enjoy something while in a blue mood. Correlation =/= causation, folks! (And I'm...
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    243b. The Ballad of Filthy Muck

    It's almost like cartoon fans somehow continuously miss the fact that a single episode takes at least a year to be made because I keep seeing people make this comment. Regarding the quality of the show: No, the show isn't worse, you guys. You're just depressed and getting older without finding...
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    Do you think that the first movie is a satisfying ending for the series?

    I'm going to echo your take and say I wouldn't consider it a great ending simply because of how out of character spongebob and plankton were in the film. The second movie is much more in character with the characters.
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    The Slow, Sad Decline Of ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’

    The shows great now. Too bad the trendiness of hating new spongebob without even watching it is so common.
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    Plankton's Finances

    Bikini Bottom is a socialist society, CMM
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    243a. The Nitwitting

    Pretty sure this episode is parodying republicans lol
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    243a. The Nitwitting

    All of the episodes that everyone hates, I love. Can't wait to see this one! Kaz is good at never writing anything that gets a lukewarm response.
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    Which “Rocko’s Modern Life” theme do you prefer?

    Always good to catch up on rocko! I recently rewatched it all, too. It really holds up, and in my opinion would make more sense to air now than when it did, considering how much of a clusteryouknowwhat society is now. Not sure what Nicks holdup is, I'm hopeful that they're just being thorough.
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    Which “Rocko’s Modern Life” theme do you prefer?

    I'd love to believe that Static Cling will be released within the next two weeks, but I am seeing no reference to that fact from a quick google, outside of this thread. On topic: I prefer the B-52's one, but only by a little bit.