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    I think you are thinking of Nicktropolis!! I remember really enjoying it as a kid. Felt like they definitely should have expanded on that/keep it around. I have a lot of fond memories playing on there. It's depressing to find out is even more so not what it used to be.
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    Visual Artifacts Found in SpongeBob

    I actually kind of appreciated that they did that because it gave me the opportunity to see the older spongebob episodes instead of for instance constant reruns of season 6.
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    "Have You Seen This Snail" was supposed to be darker.

    I cannot say for sure whether the original scenes would have contributed to the episode or take away from the animosity of what the old lady does to the snails. As the episode stands, I like how it does not outright say that the old lady intends to murder snails, but leaves it more open-ended as...
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    Chris Reccardi has passed away.

    Aw RIP I actually enjoyed the Inmates of Summer and 20,000 Patties Under The Sea. His contributions will be missed.
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    Bikini Bottom Mysteries: Frank

    Nick thinks it's so slick haahah. But did enjoy this little vid.
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    Anyone feel weird about how season 6 is now the halfway point of the series

    Putting all of this in perspective makes me feel super old. But, also makes me feel super nostalgic and makes me miss those simpler times. (not necessarily season 6, but 2008/2009 in general). It's crazy how time flies and to think of how long spongebob has been on the air.
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    Canned Bread is real after all

    This warms my heart that Squidward's excitement over canned bread can be a reality.
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    Favorite to least favorite seasons

    I'm not going to include Season 11 because I've barely seen anything from that season to make a stance on such. Season 2 - best and most solid season in my opinion. Season 1- All these episodes I've loved ever since I was little and they still hold up just the same. And since these ideas of...
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    Pinned thread Sea Creatures Rule! Water! Water! Water!

    I gotta say, I was just watching one of the older episodes today and this quote was just priceless. "You butterfingered pink thing" would love to say that to someone out of context just for the reaction. Just curious if anybody can take a stab at what episode that is from.
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    Nicktoons' episodic rotation of SpongeBob throughout the years.

    I don't know if this is just my nostalgia talking but I recently flicked to the nicktoons network and when I saw they were playing a much more recent spongebob episode It kind of depressed me. It made me realize how much time has gone by since all I would see them ever airing of spongebob was...
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    208b. Krusty Katering

    For some reason, at first I thought this episode was a short (which honestly wouldn't of been a bad idea tbh), but to my surprise it was a normal length episode and had more to offer than I originally thought. There were only two things that really annoyed me in this episode... First was that...
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    214a. Patrick's Coupon

    I believe that this episode was pretty solid until the reveal that the Ice Cream King was just another starfish very similar to Patrick and the episode could of been more interesting and compelling if the king character either had a different personality or was more mystical in general. Since...
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    What Episodes Terrified You the Most?

    The only episode I was genuinely scared of was Fear of A Krabby Patty. For years after the original release I would freak out and have to make sure that the episode wasn't playing and if it was I'd stay out of the tv room for the majority of those 11 minutes. I guess it was a mixture of the...
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    Pinned thread The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run - confirmed! *SPOILERS*

    As much as I love It's a Wonderful Life, If this movie is just a parody of such, I wouldn't be that thrilled about it because then it would really seem like just a cash grab in my opinion.
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    Would you give SpongeBob a hug even though he is covered in worms?

    I'd take the risk for the little yellow guy. If doing something positive and loving gives me worms than it is what it is, but I bet they would be harmless.