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  1. Pinned thread Free Computer Software (Windows/Mac) **UPDATED 6-23-2019**

    For Website Creation Service: hPage Website Builder Create a website even without learning how to code. Comes with 1 GB free storage, photo and file hosting service, business features for your website, and much more. Create a free website at
  2. SBM: Well shoot, there goes two years of my life I'm not getting back...

    Congrats on the two year anniversary! I just signed up on the forums and hoping to get engaged as well.
  3. Discussion about Japanese Chins.

    Waaah!! Shiba Inu!! My favorite!! Unfortunately, they are a really expensive dog breed and oh so very rare >_<
  4. SBM feels outdated.

    As long as there's a community, it is still alive!!!
  5. What i think will happen to this site in the future.

    Well, I think forums are starting to become a thing of the past now. Social media is slowly killing them as more people are flocking to FB groups :(
  6. Did you ever have a flip-phone? Experience/memories?

    I remember back in 2006 that you were one of the cool kids if you had the Motorola RAZR phone. And if you're a girl and you got the hot pink color, then you were really beyond cool haha
  7. What game consoles do you own/have you owned?

    Not really a gamer but I used to own a PSP about 7 years ago. I played SIMS all the time. I think SIMS is the only video game that I got really into.
  8. Black Panther

    Watched this last weekend and I must say, it is impressive! Probably one of the best superhero movie I have ever watched.

    The first movie was really terrible!!! WHY!!! I guess they need money?????
  10. SBM Back in 2006!

    Love this Wayback Machine. Wasn't here back then but it's nice to see how the website has evolved since!
  11. Better and Better

    Wet Painters Wet Painters or Jellyfishing?
  12. When did YouTube peak?

    Most videos don't seem authentic anymore on YT. it all seems to look like a professional production like on TV. everyone doing it for the clickbait and views.
  13. Hi People!

    Welcome to the forums! I am new here too! Just signed up some days ago. Spongebob fan here for more than 10 years :D