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    What Musical Instrument do you Play?

    Drums (amongst other percussion instruments), and simple keyboard and guitar.
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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    I know I've been MIA here for a while, but I just wanted to pay my respects to one of, if not, the most brilliant and creative person who made this planet smile. Stephen Hillenburg was a giant in everyone's childhoods, and rightfully so. It's been a joy to grow up with SpongeBob, and to see the...
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    233b. Krusty Kleaners

    Lots of slapstick ensues in this episode from the beginning, and was slightly predictable. But the episode flowed a bit better than its sister episode, with some feel good action/slapstick sequences, and good gags and humor. So good episode. 8.1/10
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    233a. Whale Watching

    This episode was alright to say the least. It adds quite an interesting backstory to Squidward meeting Pearl, but the teen storyline kinda felt too mushy. A few decent jokes thrown around, and the live action was a surprise, but nothing too exciting. SpongeBob's cameo might be his shortest...
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    Favorite Movie?

    I like the first SpongeBob film (obviously), Black Panther, Beverly Hills Cop, and nonstop animated films and live-action stuff, too. (Maybe I'll add Incredibles 2 and the Queen film to that resume by the end of the year).
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    231b. Ink Lemonade

    Oh my lemons, this episode. (This episode may have the most comments in the episode discussion section, if not top 5. LOL) Beyoncé, we found Becky!... It's Patrick! (Spoilers ahead, duh) This episode is really weird. Patrick acts even more dumber in this one, and really doesn't feel like...
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    231a. My Leg!

    It was a decent episode, much better than what I'm about to review next. First, "My Leg!" in general. The gag that was once used needs to take a bit of a break. It covered multiple absent seasons worth of the joke. Even though the gag got overbearing eventually, the visuals we're pretty...
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    230b. Bottle Burglars

    This episode is actually really good. The jokes hit perfectly fine, and more scenery from the Chum Bucket was very interesting to see (as we've never got past Plankton's lab to see where he actually sleeps). A nice little episode. 8.9/10
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    230a. High Sea Diving

    I'll review some May episodes today, since it's an important month for me. This episode was okay, nothing too exciting. But I do like the visual looks of the top of the ocean, and I did get a chuckle in. Plus, there's that variation of Old Man Jenkins popping up again. Choose which old man...
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    Bohemian Rhapsody movie

    I dunno. No movie yet.
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    Bohemian Rhapsody movie The trailer was dropped today. The Queen movie stars Rami Malek ("Mr. Robot") as Freddie Mercury, leading the journey with the band called Queen to their famous Live Aid concert in 1985. Mercury's AIDS diagnosis and death will not be covered. Any...
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    Vote for SpongeBob in the 16th Annual Theater Fans' Choice Awards!

    Some of those rankings are similar - 18%.
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    New Episodes in May

    Update: There is no new episode on Friday. Just a rerun.
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    SpongeBob Leads Outer Critics Circle Nominations with 11

    SpongeBob's musical just grabbed 12 (count em) Tony nominations.
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    SpongeBob Leads Outer Critics Circle Nominations with 11

    Tom Kitt? He's obviously not related to Catwoman.