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    What does your music playlists consist of?

    trap music rapped by black people music about respecting women prince Trap music rapped by white people Cardi B soundtrack music workout music (...)
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    I'm Back

    haha awesome what’s up man !
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    The future of SBM? :10 Years Later…

    Yknow jibbix, maybe it’s time to give SBM the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps it’s gotten better since-
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    Was the End of Season 3 Kind of Mediocre?

    The second half of Season 3 isn’t bad, but I will say that there are episodes in that back half that serve as the blueprint to every bad episode that followed the movie.
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    Pre-Movie Continuity Errors

    in the first episode spongebob doesn’t work at the krusted crab but in every episode after he does come on people, where is the continuity
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    Nickelodeon and Vans team up to make SpongeBob Products

    no like when I click the link I can’t like actually purchase the items lmao
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    Nickelodeon and Vans team up to make SpongeBob Products

    wow, I’d... actually wear these. Respect. Edit: where tf can I actually buy them tho wtf
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    Simpsons respond to Apu controversy

    zombie Simpsons is a million times more accurate than ScumBob because for the last 15 years or so, this show has been going through the motions and shuffling along and stuffing it’s episodes with dead air, with only a few signs of intelligent life on the long path it’s taken to get here this...
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    Is Frozen Disney's SpongeBob?

    spongebob was at least good at some point, a claim Frozen can never make
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    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    shoot me, but this show running around doing it’s best impression of Ren and Stimpy for the past year and a half hasn’t been doing it for me. At all.
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    Hopes for Season 11

    To be fair if you're a bad writer it's most likely not changing Love the dude but Pursel didn't just suddenly start being a good writer halfway through his run - it was mediocre to very bad the whole time with a couple good outliers. Once you've established a pattern you generally become...
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    spongebob related stuff from nick magazine

    If anyone has scans of that special summer SpongeBob 10th anniversary Nick Mag from 2009 plz send them this way I used to have it but it's lost to time now and there was an interview in there with someone important that's been on my mind for years now
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    What if SpongeBob SquarePants: Adult Party Cartoon airs?

    Ren and Stimpy was a show created by a dude who was already pushing the envelope when it came to what was allowed on a kids network (Kricfalusi was constantly being censored by Nick) . So once it came time for APC, even though it was a betrayal of the values of the original cartoon, it at least...