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Hey. I was a super huge Spongebob fan back in the day, and I’ve been on this site longer than I'd care to admit.<br><br>
I like watching good TV. SpongeBob occasionally fits into that mold - not so much as of late. Atlanta's fantastic though. Agents of Shield too. Wanna write for TV, so I talk about that a lot, because I like that stuff too. I used to write really long posts about SpongeBob and made a name for myself doing that before I made another name for myself roasting the crap out of the bigots and trolls and dummies that seem to be drawn to this site. Because I’m pursuing the goal of becoming Lin Manuel Miranda and Donald Glover at the same time, I’m very very rarely here anymore, but if you ever wanna talk, lmk and I’ll see it eventually.
Jul 5, 1998 (Age: 21)
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