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    Show News New episodes of SpongeBob airing November 23rd and the 30th

    I'm guessing the holiday episode will be Plankton's Old Chum because chum day = Christmas
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    257b. Breakin'

    I actually enjoyed this short quite a bit. Spongebob seemed more innocent and nice in this episode and less hyper and loud like he's been in other recent episodes.
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    Episodes you remember differently

    I used to think the "knew this guy who knew this guy..." line was from Missing Identity for some reason. I also used to think the scene from Can You Spare a Dime where Squidward is begging for money on the streets was from Artist Unknown.
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    The old animation adds more comedy to pre-movie

    People always refer to the old episodes as looking "sloppy" or "wobbly", but honestly it just looks more hand drawn, there's nothing sloppy about it. I do think everything looks a bit too polished now though, I thought season 9b was a good balance but season 10 onwards looks SUPER polished...
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    When did Season 1 become "old"

    I considered season 1 old when season 2 episodes were still coming out. It was definitely the cel animation, i didn't even know what a "season" was at that time so I just considered those episodes the "old episodes" because they looked old to me.
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    SpongeBob Expressiveness

    The entire storyboard crew does wacky faces though, not just Adam.
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    251b. Senior Discount

    One of the most consistently funny episodes I've seen in a while
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    SpongeBob Expressiveness

    Any time a character makes a super over the top dumb face just for the sake of making silly faces, I kinda roll my eyes a little, but when the animation is expressive in a way that compliments the character's emotions (like those plankton drawings), it works and I encourage more of that. A good...
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    Were any computers used at all in season 1

    this little snippet was most likely done digitally, and there's cg in the sb 129 title card, and there are definitely moments that clearly had a computer involved. Either way most shows by that time used computers, even if they weren't being used for the animation itself.
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    What's the ugliest title card

    I actually like all of those title cards lol
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    Deleted Storyboards for It's a Wonderful Sponge

    I wonder who drew these boards, Spongebob looks very season 2-ish here
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    Iris out as the episode's ending

    Married to Money also ended with an iris out if I remember correctly
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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    This is heartbreaking news. The man behind the show that inspired me to draw cartoons of my own. His vision was so unique and different, and it has become one of the most well known and universally loved properties in the history of animation. And it continues to be quoted and talked about, and...
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    232a. Mustard O' Mine

    This was definitely one of the funniest of the season, and I liked the change of setting. I'd like to see more episodes where they go to new places like this. Also, Squidward hissing at Patrick was hilarious