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    Request for SpongeBob Character Shipping fanart

    I don't agree with character shipping, but if you're really going to continue with this, please consider the age gap between Mr. Krabs and Sandy...
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    SOS: Why do you love SpongeBob?

    The almost supernatural rewatchability of the first three seasons
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    Most Over-hated or overlooked episode?

    For overlooked, Blackjack 100%.
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    How do you think they can experiment with this show in Season 13?

    Doodle Dimension and Cuddle E. Hugs were both subpar episodes to me (idk about Karen's Virus). I believe that if the SpongeBob crew really wants to push boundaries, they should do the complete opposite: stray away from the surreal plots and janky physics we've been seeing as of late and try to...
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    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    My unpopular opinions in no particular order: -Season 1 is better than Seasons 2 and 3 -Band Geeks is overrated because of Sweet Victory, and there are far better episodes out there -People only hate on One Coarse Meal because of the suicide scene and should pay attention to other aspects of...
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    Preserving SpongeBob's legacy after cancellation

    I'm probably going to be hated for this, but I don't think they should (at least in the same way they are with other IPs). Instead of milking long-dead franchises, they should explore new content to keep things fresh instead of saying "hey millennials here's something you've already seen before...
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    SpongeBob Expressiveness

    IMO, the exaggerated animation is disgusting and needs to be toned down in the future if the show is going to get any better. In Season 9B it was done well but only because it was kept to a strict limit, but from Season 10 onward I find it as the SpongeBob crew's last resort when they can't...
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    Send me backgrounds from the SuperSponge assets.

    I was gonna tell you to download the dev discs from yourself but whatever, enjoy!FKRRjYqL!KzTlySEqD5Pok1kPjMnr4g
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    SpongeBob has a YouTube Channel now.

    It's a verified account, so they probably got YouTube to move the SpongeBob videos to the new channel.
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    What's your favorite version of Windows?

    Windows 7 all the way. I've grown in love with the user interface and all of its bells and whistles, and even today it manages to be pretty speedy. Windows XP will always have a special place in my heart though.
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    I'm working to archive as many SpongeBob Flash games as possible!

    (oof another triple post) It's been a good while since I last posted. I was working on an interactive website to host my collection on but I've recently lost interest. However, during this time I've collected what might be the last few archivable games in the wild, bringing what is hopefully...
  12. IWumboYouWumbo is dead, long live

    Yeah, I remember being pretty upset when that all went down. Surprisingly the games are all still there, but not the individual pages they were hosted at before.
  13. IWumboYouWumbo is dead, long live No more games. No more videos. No more Do Not Touch buttons. Just a giant advertisement for their app. RIP. Edit: I didn't notice The Idiot Box subforum when I wrote this, sorry.
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    I'm working to archive as many SpongeBob Flash games as possible!

    Sorry for the double-post again but I've finished setting up a Discord server dedicated to the project. If you want to talk about SpongeBob or other Nickelodeon Flash games or you need help identifying a certain game you might like it.
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    I'm working to archive as many SpongeBob Flash games as possible!

    Everything but the sitelocked / lost games. So yes.