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    Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed: A Video Series

    Spongenicko acted like a child. As someone who has seen many dumb complaints for 10-11, if Nicko doesn't agree, ignore it. Talking about Slugs joke nickname behind his back and demonizing Trophy, who was very reasonably trying to debate with you is just wrongm
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    I think the new cartoony animation style is improving the show

    You guys conveniently ignore Rom Nicks second paragraph. A lot of late 9b has the facial expressions that you guys complain about 10 and 11 (heck 11 is actively toning it down, especially since High Sea Diving, excluding Ink Lemonade), and he provides some examples that could pass for Season 10...
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    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    As I stated in my status, I am not going to be active here anymore. As such, this series will be discontinued from here. Almost all my audience has SBC accounts anyway, so I don't consider it to huge of a loss. If you wish to continue tuning in...
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    Re-Evaluating my opinions on SpongeBob Season 1-8

    I like Snail Mail, I found most of the jokes good. Not amazing, but certainly something I liked. QOTD no Pineapple Invasion is one of my favorites from the Season. Such a creative concept, and it really is hilarious. The beginning and the ending are especially great, and the fight between Gary...
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    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Uhhhh, sorry for the unintended absence. Laziness strikes again. Episode 226a Doodle Dimension Air-date: March 9, 2018 Plot: Spongebob and Patrick get trapped in a doodle dimension Music: Arnold is back 1 Writer: Luke Brookishier If Grandmum the Word is a display of the best of Season 11, with...
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    The SpongeBuddy Mania Election!

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    Re-Evaluating my opinions on SpongeBob Season 1-8

    Sandy's Nutmare is good, but just barely. It doesn't do too much amazing, but it does what it wants well. QOTD maybe Said my thoughts on Bullitan Board perfectly. QOTD no I bet Food Con was a Season 10 ep. No joke, the only comedy was the wacky faces and the cliche ending. Pretty bad ep. QOTD Yes
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    234a. Patnocchio

    Your saying that as if there isn't an episode where the only jokes were predictable dumb jokes pandering to the lowest common denominator.
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    New SpongeBob episodes airing next week (8/6-8/10)

    Pretty good week of episodes (including Shopping List). Hopefully the rest of the eps of the Season can fix the Seasons reputation a bit.
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    The SpongeBuddy Mania Election!

    I nominate Pie Guy Rule of the TTG Hate Party (If your reading this Pie Guy, this is all in jest, I have a lot of respect for you)
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    235a. Library Cards

    But Patnocchio is actually good tho Pat the Horse and Ink Lemonade are garbage I'll give you that
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    Every Season 11 Episode Reviewed (Interactive)

    Episode 225b Grandmum's the Word Air-date: Febuary 16, 2018 Plot: Plankton's grandma is coming to Bikni Bottom, and he has to convince her he owns the Krusty Krab for her 90th birthday Music: Earl's Revenge Writer: Mr. Lawrence If there ever was a character that would return to the series, I...
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    Re-Evaluating my opinions on SpongeBob Season 1-8

    I think around Sold was when I noticed the quality boost drastically. The episode itself is one of my favorites of the Season. Classic Sponge-Pat-Squid trio, along with some great humor. One of the strangest plots for a cartoon episode I have ever seen, but it works great here. QOTD maybe...
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    Did you mind Bubble Bass’ appearances in new seasons?

    It's such a petty thing to complain about tho. Shouldn't we be glad that a belov3d character who only got 3 appearances before Season 9 is back in a returning role? This is one of the more dumb reasons that people bash Season 11 for. But yeah, I'm glad he's back.
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    Episode Consistency

    Party Pooper Pants