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    SB Hawaiian backgrounds

    With Photoshop
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    SB Hawaiian backgrounds

    For the title card I used the "Clam Up!" one to help me. And for the time card I only painted over the english version.
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    Krabby Patty Creature Feature/Teacher's Pests - October 21

    Sneak Peek of Krabby Patty Creature Feature: Oh gosh, that episode looks so promising.
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    Would you ever want C. H. Greenblatt to return?

    I really want him to come back, but that's quite unlikely, and you said it, Nickelodeon treated him very badly with his last show.
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    Season 10 Premiers Worldwide

    Lol my predictions were wrong, the episodes that aired are: Spot Returns The Check-Up Spin the bottle There's a sponge in my soup But I still don't get why they put a clip of ISS in the promo, even in nicktoons where they aired older S10 episodes (206-211 I think, because the last and only one...
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    Season 10 Premiers Worldwide

    We are going to have a premiere week starting this monday in latin america. There was shown a clip of ISS in the promo, so I guess FF and DWK will be released too.
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    MOAR! HD SpongeBob Pictures (You Can Post HD Pictures Too)

    I did them 2 times larger, actually I have a folder with a bunch of this kind of images I did a long time ago.
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    206b. Code Yellow

    This episode is very funny, it has a lot of jokes and visual gags, and a well done pace. I don't find the gross out scenes as a bad thing, they are just jokes, and there's not a "Squid Torture" because he's not shown suffering, that's just black humor, and the series always had gross and black...
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    Worst spongebob episode of 2017 (As of September)

    Code Yellow is a very funny episode, i don't know why you say it's bad. But i'll say the worst is probably Plankton Gets the Boot or Spongebob's Place.
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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob

    Meh Out of the picture
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    Writers, Here's How To Make Spongebob Great Again

    It's funny because that guy doesn't know how to critic episodes correctly. And actually that happened in the first 3 minutes of Plankton Retires.
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    Season 9B vs Season 10

    Season 10 is my favourite, it's just too wacky, creative, ridiculous and has a amazing animation quality, and that's the stuff I like in a cartoon. (I don't think the cartoony animation it's a problem IT IS A CARTOON) But objetively, season 9b is better, the storytelling is probably the best in...
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    SB Hawaiian backgrounds

    What's eating Patrick