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  1. American Idiot

    :-D Glad to see we're still talking about Green Day without my influence XD Of course I bought American Idiot, I had heard the entire album about 15 times before I bought it anyway XD The entire album is awesome, not a flaw on it. It's definitely album of the year. Wake Me Up When September...
  2. Jeopardy

    He is the winningest champ in non-tournament jeopardy
  3. Pinned thread Last Letter SpongeBob Game

    Grandpa SquarePants
  4. Best Green Day Song

    I compiled a list of all of my favorite Green Day songs, what's your favorite? Mine's Longview :P It took me a while, but I have them alphabetitized and listed by album XD
  5. Season Three Survivor

    Hmm... ill have to go with Squilliam Returns "May I take your hat sir?" - :P
  6. Season Two Survivor

    Big Pink Loser, it's my favorite episode overall :P
  7. Questions!

    3rd was right, just now noticed I had posted that x.x sorry Patrick - Dumbest Gary - Smartest
  8. Caption Contest

    don't call me a doofus :P Patrick: Ah, the sunset SpongeBob: Yeah. Say, that was a good pie I had awhile ago... Patrick:...what?
  9. Quake 3 Arena

    I downloaded it from IMesh
  10. Quake 3 Arena

    I play Q3:A online all of the time, if anyone else does, and has a decent connection, post here sometime so we can play :P
  11. Location Game

  12. Best speacal or holiday episode

    Valentine's Day; the whole scene with Patrick going crazy is just classic XD Besides, I hate Patchy with a passion x.x
  13. Location Game

  14. Location Game

    Omaha, Nebraska
  15. Rush 30th Anniversary

    *points to his name* *cough* I'll have to disagree XD I never really was a big Rush fan but congrats to them for still rockin' after 30 years! That's a milestone 99% of bands these days never reach