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    Worst episode poll

    A Pal For Gary. My worst episode will always be A Pal For Gary.
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    Stupidest reasons people have been barred from watching SpongeBob?

    Figured as much. Yeah, both the fact that I wasn't into this site as much as I used to be and school kept me from being more active. I'm back now, at least!
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    Which character got the worst change from Pre to Post?

    To me, it's hard to choose between Patrick and Mr. Krabs, since both of them slowly went from funny and likeable to absolutely jerkish. I would say Patrick, since Mr. Krabs did have a dark side in the earlier seasons, whereas Patrick's horrid behavior appeared out of the blue in the later...
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    Stupidest reasons people have been barred from watching SpongeBob?

    Is that from CommonSenseMedia?
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    What Is The Greatest Spongebob Season

    Either Season 4 or Season 2.
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    Why Squidward doesn't have a Vacation episode?

    Why doesn't Squidward get his own special vacation episode? Because said so.
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    What if Sandy Cheeks is horribly hit by acid?

    Something tells me you don't like Sandy.....
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    Season 1 and 2 Comparison

    Pairing 5 Season 1: 1 (I love both Pizza Delivery and Home Sweet Pineapple. I love Wormy, too, but Patty Hype is just good, while Season 1 has a pairing with 2 awesome episodes. ^^) Season 2: Pairing 6 Season 1: 1 (I would've gone with Season 2 because I love both of their messages, but I like...
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    Season 1 and 2 Comparison

    I like this season comparison. :D You make very good reviews, and you make good points as to why you like one pairing more than the other. If you're wondering, up to the episodes you've reviewed so far, I'd like to give which pairings I'd give a point to: Pairing 1 Season 1: 0 Season 2: 1 (I...
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    Random SB related stuff I find on Deviantart

    Here's something that definitely fits the title of Spongebob ROUNDpants!
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    Popeye's Top 30 Worst SpongeBob Episodes Ever (with some honorable mentions)

    30. Good Neighbors, Tentacle Vision and Cephalopod Lodge The first and third episodes are guilty pleasures. The second one, however, I agree with. Poor Squidward. :( 29. Squid Baby I'm surprised at how bad this is, yet I can tolerate it, despite it parodying the "love" for adults in babies'...
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    Rate (Good, Meh, Bad) of all Episodes per Season

    Yes, what Plankton and Krabs did was wrong, but the episode made it clear that they were doing something wrong. I can actually forgive that and gross-out completely, mainly because it tries to give a message about how you should watch what you eat. And they managed to get the message across...
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    Worst cartoon ever made in your opinion?

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Canadian cartoon Mega-Babies. I saw only a few episodes, but judging from that, it would rank pretty high when it comes to my least favorite shows. It's quite dumb and frankly, ugly. It even throws lots and LOTS of gross-out at you, and not the good kind.
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    Rate (Good, Meh, Bad) of all Episodes per Season

    Your Season 7 ratings are pretty agreeable, especially your scores for Earworm, One Coarse Meal, and A Pal For Gary. Though, I have to ask, why do you hate Greasy Buffoons, Squidward In Clarinetland, and Love That Squid?