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    Awesome to see you and even better to meet you!
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    Best/Worst Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy Episode?

    Best: I really like Mermaid Man Begins personally Worst: shuffleboarding is awful
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    Making sigs for y'all.

    Rad make me one
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    Episode Ideas

    Star-Studded Collar: Patrick finds a collar while dumpster diving that makes business-people want to cast him in his very own movie but you find out in the end they only wanted the collar in the movie (when you see the movie it's just a zoom-in of the collar).
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    I'm back

    So good to see you again!
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    Allow me to introduce myself.

    I'll steer clear of you then but welcome anyway!
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    Hi There

    So good to meet you Mayonnaise!
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    It's been forever but I'm finally back!

    So good to see you again Rick
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    Show News New SpongeBob episodes airing next month.

    Ahhh man I'm stoked for this
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    How Would You Fix Disney XD?

    Stop everything except Wander and Gravity Falls (Yes it's on disney too, but still.) and bring back some good 'ol shows, here's my list of shows they could bring back and explanation why they should be brought back. Kim Possible (I kinda grew up with this show, I still love watching Re-Runs...
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    Hai ^_^

    If you want Bunny Pants, I can make you a sig kinda like mine :) Just say the word and it's all yours, also, WELCOME!!! :DD
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    If the episode were in a different season

    Starts with Spongebob annoying Squidward as always and Squid tells him to go do something other than annoy him. Spongebob goes to the beach and learns that he is a scrawny weakling that can't lift anything. So he goes home and cries. and cries and cries and cries and cries and cries... The...
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    Best scene in Sponge out of Water?

    Aye. What is your favorite scene? Mine is every single time travel sequence.
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    Most overrated gag

    ^I still like that one :3 But I will go with "OOPS I RIPPED MY PANTS AGAIN" nah spongebob, just nah
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    Pinned thread Favorite Episode

    Idiot box, no doubt my friends.