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  1. What's your Zodiac sign?

    I'm an Aquarius! My birthday was a few weeks ago.
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog Movie (2019)

    I think it has a chance of being okay, video game movies don't have a great track record but it could still end up being pretty enjoyable.
  3. Hope for another SpongeBob 3D Platformer

    GameCube Virtual Console would be incredible!!
  4. Hope for another SpongeBob 3D Platformer

    Battle for Bikini Bottom HD remake plz!
  5. Which concert would you go to?

    The beach band! SB's voice sounds seriously awesome when he sings that song.
  6. Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    Seasons 6-7 aren't that bad, they each have a decent number of good episodes. They definitely each have a few that are kind of boring or dumb, but as a whole the seasons aren't as terrible as some make them out to be.
  7. Best 90's Nicktoon (Aside from SpongeBob)

    I loved all those shows but Rugrats for sure is #1.
  8. Best 2000's Nicktoon?

    Invader Zim!
  9. Best 2010's Nicktoon?

    The Loud House is great but I love Sanjay & Craig way too much to not vote for it.
  10. Mario or Sonic?

    I love both franchises, but I have to give Mario the edge. I prefer the classic Sega Genesis Sonic games over the classic Mario games, but Mario has better games overall. I really want to play Super Mario Odyssey but I'm too broke to afford a Switch at the moment. =/
  11. February Desktops

    My computer is Karen. :P
  12. Pinned thread Favorite Character

    Karen & Squidward!