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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    As someone who has been an avid SpongeBob viewer since the age of 2, I will fondly miss Stephen Hillenburg and his presence over the show. His marine biology experience, work on other shows and the creation of the undersea world of Bikini Bottom impacted many people around him and the world...
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    ink lemonade deleted scene

    Hotel Patrick
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    Pinned thread Last Letter SpongeBob Game

    Larry the Floor Manager
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    Describe The Episode In 1 Word

    Unknown Two Thumbs Down
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    Games you feel are overrated!

    One game that is overrated to me is The Sims 4 - primarily since everyone has forgotten about the previous installment in favor of this game. The Sims 3 had more creative freedom and more things out of the box.
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    Pinned thread Episode or Episode

    Scaredy Pants Mutiny on the Krusty or Burst Your Bubble
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    The Chief is coming back in Season 12.

    This is it chief.
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    Pinned thread Episode or Episode

    The Sewers of Bikini Bottom (since I haven't seen the latter yet) Gone or Tea at the Treedome
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    Disney and Viacom merge.

    Yep, it just makes things worse and more complicated. It's all becoming way too icky and not caring for the normal people. Antitrust rules have to get in anyway. On a related note, the only merger I've ever really wanted to happen would be with SoundCloud/Spotify (two of my favorite music...
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    Series finale.

    I hope they do a good special for it, or if Nickelodeon rules forbid a finale (even since the show's so famous) they at least make an emotional episode serve as the finale. I'm not sure anyway when the finale will be - perhaps in a few seasons from now, I'm not sure if they have renewed the...
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    Disney and Viacom merge.

    I honestly feel like it'll be Disney and Comcast that merge someday. That'll be the climax of today's corporate world where these titans join forces.
  12. Flabby Patty Nostalgia...get it here!

    Not really of the time period - I'm mostly from 2006. I do remember playing awesome SpongeBob/Jimmy Neutron games, especially the one where you had to build a maze. Other things like Nicktropolis and the movie studio were also awesome in the day. Now that it's all about those smartphones and...
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    Club Penguin Island Set To Shut Down Soon

    Well then, I thought it would last longer since they were updating stuff; but even before CPI, the office was experiencing layoffs as the game just did not prove successful. Thoughts go out to those laid off by the way. I played the original back in the day and all, but I quit after 2013 and...
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    Do you like going to the beach?

    I rarely go, being miles away... but I definitely love the experience I have. Would be even better if I had friends or such to go too, we could even see the other attractions on the coast wherever we go.
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    Spongebob Underpants Slam is back !

    Sure is... wish he was here to speak on it. Did he ever get to play this game, anyhow? Other than that, cool for those still owning XBOX 360s. I wonder if this could be ported to other consoles - I've actually seen this game and the premise looks fun.