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    Stephen Hillenburg Passes Away at 57

    Such a legend for making my childhood great. Rest easy :(
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    The future of SBM? :10 Years Later…

    Idk what I thought would happen but it definitely wasnt the events of this summer kmfao
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    What's your favorite class at school

    Dropping out .
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    The Real Reason that i joined SBM is

    petition to delete every other account on sbm but this one because no one can beat this
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    The Real Reason that i joined SBM is

    i joined for squidiam before I realized I hate the gays
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    Do You Have a Job?

    nope I pay martha senpai to destroy my will to live every semester
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    hi im new to the forums& what the heck does sbm mean

    hit me with an SBM tbh
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    What Carrier Do You Want?

    Okay trolling aside but as an American who's traveling in Canada rn Canadians are far more polite (yall really do say sorry a lot), but Americans are more likely to talk to you and smile at you on the street and make ya feel warm. I feel like the people in America who are friendly are very...
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    What Carrier Do You Want?

    no im all about that Rogers #We'reFriendlier #ButNotActually #That'sAStereotype #We'reJustPolite
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    What Carrier Do You Want?

    im personally sick of verizon because it often doesnt work like the others do in ny and im in canada right now anyways
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    tfw you've contracted illness

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    tfw you're kevin james and you're on a roller coaster with a gorilla

    gorillas these days are so entitled i miss the days when the gays werent ruining this country
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    tfw you're leedles

    take off your blouse and your UNDERPANTS