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    Pinned thread Game Console ID & Friend Codes

    Switch code: SW-0146-9050-6249 PSN: crushingmayhem (as i said above)
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    SBM Yearbook 2019

    Name: Crushing Age: 27 Gender: Male City or State: Somewhere Favorite SB episode: Band Geeks Favorite SB character: Squidward Favorite song: Don't have one. Favorite movie: Star Wars Episode V Favorite movie genre: Sci-Fi Favorite book: N/A Favorite TV Genre: Action/Adventure Favorite (not...
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    Today's teens go "huh" when they see/hear stuff from back in the day

    I can relate to most of that, especially the downloading part and the channel flipping. Those sure were the days, its crazy to think how much things have changed.
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    How many alarms do you have set?

    None. I wake up when i want to wake up, unless someone else does it for me.
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    First kiss

    Had one with my ex in a library at the mall. We were hesitant at first but we decided to do it anyway. I'd say it was nice, a shame our relationship wasn't successful in the end.
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    Pinned thread Number Game

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    What is your least favorite day in the week?

    Mondays because you have to go back to work or school.
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    Why was the Arcade removed?

    The current forum software doesn't support it. It would be nice to have an arcade but it'll have to be separate from the forum.
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    10,000 Members

    Congrats to SBM for getting this far!
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    Pinned thread The Letter Game

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    Happy 15th to SBM. You guys have made it a long way.
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    Whhat's the meaning of life?

    Life has no meaning, you make your own meaning based on the experiences you have in your daily routine.