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    Movie News SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run Announced

    A very promising trailer with beautiful animation and funny humor! It does remind me of "Have You Seen this Snail?", but hopefully, they'll be more creative and not an extended copy. I never thought I'd be pleased by SpongeBob animated in CGI! The CGI even matches the spirit of the show!
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    SpongeBob Music Thread

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Krusty Krab Tango, I love that one too!
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    Bill Fagerbakke to receive Animation of Hall Fame Game-Changers Award

    He most certainly deserve it! Go Bill! :whoo::sbyes:
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    SpongeBob Music Thread

    I've been thinking. What's your favorite original Krusty Krab themes? I do have a couple of favorites, but I don't think any of them play that often. My favorites are Salty Krab Jig, Jolly Little Roger, Peg Leg Waltz, Sailor's Sting 1, Sailor's Sting 6, Happy Sack Shanty, Nautical Hijinx and...
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    SpongeBob Music Thread

    I'm not saying he was perfect. Neither him or Marc Perlman. And I wouldn't say it's really pandering. If they wanted to pander, they would've only played music from the first 3 seasons. Happy Sponge Chase Vibes was fitting at the end, in my ears. I agree with you regarding the first scene. I...
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    Pinned thread Season 4 Discussion

    Season 4 is the first post-movie season, and I honestly see very little difference from Seasons 1-3. The only difference I noticed growing up was the improved animation and graphics. I do unfortunately not consider Season 4 superior to it, but certainly in the same league. Season 4 has, for the...
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    what design of spongebob is your favorite

    Sherm Cohen's SpongeBob from 2002-2005 is my favorite. (The 2004 movie and early Season 4). I do generally like SpongeBob's designs in Seasons 1-5. I also like his current design, particularly when Brian and Kelly are boarding.
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    256a. SpongeBob in RandomLand

    I've only seen this episode once so far, but I have enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I was actually looking forward to this episode, since it would be similar to the classic Bob Clampett short Porky in Wackyland from 1938. I was NOT disappointed with the final product. While I found Squidward...
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    New episodes in August!

    Trust me, you're not alone.
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    'Best 200 Episodes Ever' DVD!

    200 SpongeBob episodes? That's a lot of episodes. Will this DVD feature episodes from every season?
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    Show News New episodes in July!!

    I believe it's 254-255.
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    SpongeBob Music Thread

    Gotta say, I like Jeffrey Lingle. He uses a lot of good music, especially tracks Nick Carr barely uses anymore.
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    Show News New episodes premiering on June 22 and 29!

    Finally! I don't live in the US, but Nick US can't let SB fans wait 4 months for new episodes! Especially not since SpongeBob is to Nickelodeon what Mickey Mouse is to Disney.
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    Pinned thread Season 11 Discussion

    I haven't watched the whole season yet and don't have ratings for every episode, but I'd still like to mention my favorite/least favorite episodes so far. Before I begin, I just want to say these things: 1. I highly enjoyed the animation/visuals this season! I know some people hate cartoony...