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    The Legend of Boo-Kini Bottom DVD -- coming Sept 11th

    Its got my pre order whenever Amazon puts it out
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    Pinned thread The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run - confirmed! *SPOILERS*

    The title is ok, but it doesn't really stick with me honestly.
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    Here's a new SpongeBob Drawing!

    Hi guys sorry I havent been that active lately, but I'm here today to show you a spongebob I drew!
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    SpongeBob Home Video Thread

    Well for starters, I have every NTSC DVD, I'm currently working on the PAL DVDs. I pretty much have every VHS Tape not including undersea antics, so yeah. I pretty much have a huge Collecton when it comes to hone video
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    228a. Fun-Sized Friends

    I loved this episode, its my favorite from season 11 so far.
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    Is Nickelodeon really running out of ideas?

    In Retrospective terms, Yes. Nick honestly hasn't been good since at the least 2005 when coming up with new concepts for shows in my opinion. Shows becoming bad is one thing but the scheduling was awful. like in 2009 - 2015 it was like the SpongeBob Network for gods sake. Not saying i don't...
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    Your favorite episode pairs from each season?

    Season 1 - Culture Shock/F.U.N. Season 2 - You're Shoes Untied/Squid's Day Off Season 3 - As Seen On TV/Can You Spare a Dime? Season 4 - Born To Be Wild/Best Frenemies Season 5 - New Digs/Krabs à la mode Season 6 - Grandpappy the Pirate/Cephalopod Lodge Season 7 - Yours, Mine and Mine/Kracked...
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    Alpha Group Appointed Global Master Toy Partner for Nickelodeon’s 'SpongeBob SquarePants'

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    First episode you ever watched?

    From what i can vaguely remember, i think it was either Dying for Pie or Bubble Buddy. i Don't fully remember.
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    A new show I'm making episode list.

    So I had this idea for a show, where the main character is me but I can't think of a show title. Anyway here is a episode list. if you are interested in looking at the first seasons episode list and a part of season 2 episode...
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    What does your life look like without SpongeBob?

    Rage. Fury. Irritation. Humiliation.
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    Blank SpongeBob DVD Case Templates

    So in here, you can post blank templates for the DVD Covers! i'll start us off It Came From Goo Lagoon
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    Can The Loud House be Nick's next cash cow?

    How could it be a cashcow without that much merchandise? TLH only has 2 Books and a DVD. So i would think the DVD or the Books would have to make a lot of money in order to be a cash cow. And no, there will be no way TLH will ever be a huge success as SpongeBob, Even if it is popular.
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    2017 Christmas Haul (Stuff You Got)

    I Got: 2 Nickelodeon Shirts Nickelodeon Pajama Pants 3 Boxes of Gummy Krabby Patties A Really Nice Polo Shirt A Nickelodeon 90's Krumm Stuffed animal Ren and Stimpy - Stimpy Figure That Shakes it's butt (Comes with the Nose Goblins too) Naruto Wallet w/ $25 Inside Naruto Dorbz Figurine Family...
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    What do you like to do while listening to Christmas Music?

    i like to turn on the Christmas lights in my room and turn on my little tree with little LED lights and put in the "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" DVD and use the Yule Log on my TV. what do you like to do while listening to Christmas music?