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    SpongeBob Title Cards 8-Bit

    where was this masterpiece on the nes classic
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    If this post gets 20 likes...

    spare us
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    Mario or Sonic?

    that's pretty valid, but at least the older games had actual interesting level themes instead of reusing grassdesertbeachjungleicemountainskylava for like 25 years
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    Teen Titans Go movie confirmed

    It should have CGI and they become superheroes at the end o wait they are superheroes
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    Boycott AlphaWarhawk

    tvtropes/rationalwiki link
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    Sandy Muscle

    James Baxter
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    DVDs - Do You Think They'll Die Out In The Future?

    They're pretty cheap nowadays and decently convenient, but not as worth it compared to other forms of viewing. I don't think they're ready to die yet but Blu-Ray is pretty much a better alternative either way.
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    Mario or Sonic?

    Sonic's world and designs are miles better, and is generally more creative but a wide majority of the games don't appeal to me. Mario's uncreativity lately is pretty obnoxious and sad too (reusing level themes, bosses, etc.), but his track record is more consistent.
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    IPhone X

    I wouldn't even had cared as much if it wasn't a thousand dollars... It still adds more to the phone than the past few have (they've just gotten bigger and got better cameras), but I can't believe we live in a world where a PC that can do so much more costs less than a brick with a screen that...
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    Let's Settle This

    anyone else smell that? smells like a yummy oggy if i do say so myself
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    Knack 2

    it only went on to sell 3 copies cuz it was the worst game eva made
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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob: Video Game edition.

    Goodbob Hotel Mario
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    Good, Meh, or ScumBob: Video Game edition.

    Scrapbib Sonic Mania!