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    Stephen Hillenburg Hates Overexposure

    Never mind I found it. Here:
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    Stephen Hillenburg Hates Overexposure

    I read on here an interview that contained an anecdote about Stephen Hillenburg. In the interview, he (or someone else) stated that Stephen was in a restaurant and stepped outside for a break, he saw a Spongebob gumball machine(?) and got mad. He (or the interviewer) gone on to say how he hated...
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    Confessions of an SBM Member

    You know, I been thinking that myself. Why am I on this site if I'm a die-hard misanthropist? I try to break away, but to no avail. Maybe now I will. And I don't personally think it's problematic in the slightest. People caused me grief one way or another whether directly or indirectly...
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    Confessions of an SBM Member

    I'm a deep misanthropist/ I hate all walks of life (LGBT, blacks whites, yellow blue, etc.). No it's not some late teen phase, I genuinely hate humans. Also I find flipping cartoon characters (Steven Universe, Regular Show Gumball) to be more enjoyable than human interactions. Hence why I'm...
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    Rigling Bros Circus is gonna be closed after 146 YEARS

    I'm a deep misanthropist so I saw it coming a mile away.
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    Destroy a Season 6 Episode

    I loathe and despise all of them, but if I had to choose, I'd pick...Overbooked.
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    Pinned thread Episode or Episode

    Chocolate with Nuts. THe smoking peanut or Algae's Always Greener?
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    The 2017 Topic

    2017 will be great: Sonic Mania (Despite me preferring 4 over it) Project Sonic 2017 NINTENDO Switch New Episodes of Steven Universe & Adventure Time Daytona USA 3 NASCAR is back And for the sad part: Regular Show will end this month.
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    Don't Be a jerk Song

    I'm sorry for being stubborn (I guess you could say that?) but I'm adamant that it's from late 04-late 07. I've seen it in homeschool (1996-mid 08) when we pirated cable via the old pirated trick. And, even though we had legal cabel for a short white, we didn't have it when "It's A Spongebob...
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    Don't Be a jerk Song

    That's it. However, I'm trying to look for proof that it did air around 04-05 (late 06 at the latest).
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    Don't Be a jerk Song

    I was just listening to Don't Be A Jerk and the music video looks so familiar. Turns out 11 to 10 years ago, this music video played during Nick's Ha Ha Holidays special. I vividly remember it. Now no one one has it. Does anyone else saw this back then? I want to say it's between 04 and 05. It...
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    Pinned thread What are you listening to?

    Cocktail Lounge- Spongebob ("Krusty Love" & "Chocolate With Nuts") Now: Wonderland of Snow-Ssongebob ("Snowball Effect").
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    Question Regarding A Spongebob Episode

    Thank you. You may lock this now.
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    Question Regarding A Spongebob Episode

    Despite me despising the newer SPongebob episodes, I have an episode on my mind that could be in the mid-season of the show that I need help finding. Here are the only parts I know: Squidward gets hurt on the job. Instead of paying for workers' comp, Mr. Krabs decides to give in to...
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    Quoting Knowledge

    Patrick from Spongebob's flashback scene in Missing Identity". "BZZZZ!"