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    Pinned thread Unpopular Opinions you Have on SpongeBob

    To Love a Patty is a great episode
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    Should SpongeBob Have a Crossover? If So, With Which Cartoon?

    I would say no crossover, there's no good show to pair it up with
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    Have you ever changed your username?

    I capitalized the K, but aside from that it's been almost 3 years of the same name for me
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    Post-movie episodes and pre-show episodes

    Not after the movie, but before the show. SB's childhood would make for a good 1 hour special
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    Who here, is staying up on Christmas Eve?

    Staying up but not for an all-nighter, probably until 2 or so, my family always stays up late to exchange gifts at about 12:30-1
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    Welcome back Unbanned members!

    a fool :P
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    Welcome back Unbanned members!

    Unbanned members? Oh geez.....
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    Save a Season 7 episode

    The Main Drain
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    The Great Debate #5: School Disciplines/Rulings

    Along with the others, I would side with the parents and students. If you earn something, I feel as though you should be able to utilize the prize as the situation allows. In this case, it's a sash indicating that they were in the National Honors Society. So, they should be able to proudly show...
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    These reviews make me sick

    Maybe I missed something on my first viewing, but I didn't particularly enjoy SoBB when I watched it. I'm more on the side of the 1.0s saying it was trash more than the 10s acting like it's the second coming of Christ. I give it ~ 4.5 tbh
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    Pinned thread Hey yo! It's survey time! **2000 QUESTIONS**

    54. How many games do you have installed on your computer? None, I don't have a computer. PS4 master race
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    Count to 50 before a staff member posts (Please don't say random things instead of the next number)

    8 Lets move it, they're most certainly watching
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    My 2000th post

    leave me behind, that's fine Edit: WAIT IM NOT EVEN ONE OF THOSE YET
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    Save a season 1 episode

    Boating School
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    Complement the user above you

    You have a cool user name