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Airdate: July 31, 1999
Season: 1
Directors: Erik Wiese (storyboard), Edgar Larrazabal (animation), Derek Drymon (creative)
Writers: Ennio Torresan, Erik Wiese, and Mr. Lawrence
Production Number: 3b
Airing Number: 3b
Plot: It's another evil scheme by that schemer of evil, Plankton. This time the microscopic miscreant takes control of SpongeBob's brain in order to get him to divulge the secret krabby patty formula! But it might take more than a trip right to the source to get SpongeBob talking.

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Squidward: Come on, SpongeBob!
Plankton: You pretentious little insignificant artist. Your snivelly creations are worth less than a protozoan's waste!

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