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Joined 16 February 2009
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RedSoxFan274 is an Inactive Member of SpongeBuddy Mania. He joined the forums on February 15, 2009. He is one of a few veterans of the site who are still active. He is known to be obsessed with the Boston Red Sox (easily judged by his username), winning percentages, airport flight display boards, SpongeBuddy Mania, writing (he also made a novel that got through 6 chapters by November of 2011 but got overly busy, so he restarted writing it on August 14th), SpongeBob Squarepants and Camp Lazlo. He is also a hypochondriac and aviatophobe. He lives in Los Angeles, California and spends summers in Wakefield, Massachusetts and is known to love New England. A couple of times, he was temporarily inactive for fairly lengthy periods, the longest of these having been from September 2011–July 2012. He is also a real-life editor of the original Wikipedia, which he revealed in the topic, "SpongeBuddy Wiki : The Return! *Hiring a Few Members to be Admin*".

He was also well known for his frequent debates with New York Yankees fan Stinkoman 20X6 when that user was still active.

Aside from being a fan of the Red Sox, he supports the Anaheim Ducks in hockey (the only team in his home region of Southern California that he likes), the Boston Celtics in basketball and nobody in football, considering football overrated.

Since autumn 2013, the majority of his animation discourse concerns Wander Over Yonder, which he is obsessed with.

He reached the 10,000th post milestone on September 6th, 2015. He is 22 years old. He has the 18th most likes on the site.

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