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Group Banished
Joined Feb 20th, 2014
Member No. 4598
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Martin "TheGrandmaster" MacIntyre is a former SBM member who joined in February 2014, best known for his role as the founder and former commander of Task Force 51.

Considered to be the most bold and foolhardy of TF51's administrative "big four" (the others being former COs SantiXgoIV, CarolusJohanneus, and Mattaphobia), he was known as an occasional critic of admin activities. TGM, who founded the VFA-51st Goldenhawks (the central and longest-lasting division of Task Force 51) a year after SBM in 2005, was considered to be a major rival of SBM founder and admin figurehead ssj4gogita4, as he has called ssj out on admin malpractice on numerous occasions, both behind the scenes and up-front on the forums.

TGM himself was banned from SBM, along with his longtime executive officer, Hunter Ace One, in September 2016, for leading an increasingly-aggressive streak of open attacks on the forum staff due to a scandal regarding a peace conference with SBM. Shortly after, Task Force 51 unanimously voted to break all formal ties with SBM, ending TGM's involvement with the forums in any way. He retired from the Task Force 51 chain of command in October 2016 in favor of the community holding official staff elections, with AlphaWarhawk being his successor.

At 45 years old, TGM was one of the oldest active users on SBM at the time of his ban, with TF51 Chief Justice CarolusJohanneus being the oldest overall.