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Team Awesome SBM is one of several Task Force 51 "personal groups", originally formed by HawkbitAlpha, WildOxen, TwinWolf, and Vernondex, all of whom are both members of SBM and TF51. Although all of its members have been close friends since late 2013, the idea of forming an actual group among them did not come to fruition until early 2015.

HawkbitAlpha, the oldest of the four, was the main person responsible for introducing WildOxen and TwinWolf to the website in early 2014. While both of the two had real-life matters to attend to throughout the former half of the year, they both returned to activity in late October 2014, which was the first time SBM had ever met WildOxen. TwinWolf, while sporadically active before then, has also begun to visit the website more. While Hawkbit, TwinWolf, and newcomer Vernondex are all American, the team's founder, WildOxen, is Australian. As such, it is difficult to find all four together at one time due to time zone differences, along with other things.

Since October 2015, the group has officially consisted of only Hawkbit and Vernondex, as WildOxen officially abandoned SBM in the beginning of the month. TwinWolf is still officially considered a member, but has not been active on the site for a considerable length of time. The two have been virtually silent on SBM since TF51's official withdrawal in October-December 2015. A fourth member, FairchildHawker, also intends to join SBM, but has thus far had trouble with the registering process.

Excluding Hawkbit, all of the members of TA are commonly referred to by other members and friends by their real first names, which can often be confusing if someone does not know what the speaker is doing.


  • HawkbitAlpha (2015-present)
  • Vernondex (2015-present)
  • TwinWolf (2015-present?)
  • FairchildHawker (?)
  • WildOxen (2015)

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