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The following page is a list of the user groups on the SBM forums.


The leaders on SpongeBuddy Mania

Abilities: Full access to the main website server and complete forum access. They are 4 admins. SSJ, Abney, Spongey34, and Spongedude.


Moderate the forums and keep things in order.

Abilities: Pin topics, lock topics, delete posts, edit posts, and suspend members. They are 6 mods. DMAP, Phillip, SBRoxMan, SBLaura, Grubby Grouper and Cha. There is also a chat mod named Moxley.


Either retired staff or members to contributed in a large way to SBM.

Abilities: VIP discount and general respect.


A secondary user group to access VIP content.

Abilities: Full access to the VIP area and bonus forum skins.


Default user group

Abilities: Post, edit your own post, PM other members, use arcade, use chat. These abilities are open for everyone except guests.


Unregistered visitors.

Abilities: View forums, view profiles. These abilities are open to all. Cannot post new topics or reply to existing threads in most forums, or use the shoutbox.


Banished users

Abilities: cannot access the site and sometimes have a message about the details of there banning.