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Joined May 14th, 2011
Member No. 3452
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AlphaWarhawk (also known as HawkbitAlpha) is a user who joined SBM in May 2011. From 23 October to New Years Eve 2016, he served as the first elected leader of the gaming community Task Force 51 (succeeding longtime Commanding Officer TheGrandmaster), as well as the mastermind of two of its sub-groups, the titular Alpha Company and Team Awesome.

Initially coming into activity in June 2011, he didn't post much, and was suspended in August due to using SBM as a vehicle for continuing a feud with SBC; however, after returning in February 2012, he began to legitimately start posting. Spring 2013 saw Hawkbit's rise on SBM: since May-June 2013, his reputation and post count have sharply risen. In early February 2013, he had 290 posts and a very low 16 likes; by May 27th, 2015, he had 1,068 posts and 1,393 likes.

In October 2016, Hawkbit became the first member of Task Force 51 in its history to become the community's leader through a staff election, with fellow SBM member Mardante11 as his running mate for second-in-command. As Commanding Officer (now Chief Officer), he added a sunset rule to the community's previous vote of no confidence against SBM, hoping to better the relationship between the two before repealing the vote entirely. Since January 2017, he has also acted as one of five Associate Justices of the TF51 Judiciary, and remains as the community's primary representative on SBM.

On SBM, Hawk is known among friends and enemies alike for his no-nonsense attitude toward trolls, as well as others he believes to be detrimental or unwanted to the community. This has put him at the front of several efforts to have certain members (including TheWolverine and Piston Patrick) banned, or otherwise disgraced, often at the cost of his own reputation for stirring up trouble. Regardless, Hawk is also reputed for balancing out his aggression with a quirky (and often self-depreciating) sense of humor, setting a personality standard for many members of Task Force 51.

Username meanings

  • As HawkbitAlpha (2013, 2014-) - one of his old squadmates in Battlefield from 2010-2011 was named Hawkbit. As a tribute to him, he named himself HawkbitAlpha on Playstation Network, and later started using this name widely around the internet. (As of 2016, the original Hawkbit has returned to activity, and renamed himself FairchildHawker.)
    • As AlphaWarhawk (2016-) - the aforementioned FairchildHawker, who joined SBM a few months after his return, asked Hawkbit to stop using his old username. He agreed to no longer create new accounts under the name HawkbitAlpha, instead reworking it into "AlphaWarhawk", stating "Warhawk" symbolizes his aggressive, hot-blooded tendencies.
  • As ACS (2010-2011, before joining SBM) - This was a reference to a battleship from the 2009 game Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier. The full name combined it with another Lost Frontier ship, the Hellcat.
  • As Prince Dark(star) (2011-2013) - Ozzy Osbourne, one of his favorite singers in 2012, was also known as The Prince of Darkness. This is another tribute name.
  • As Archangel (2013-2014) - Less than a month before Christmas 2013, Hawkbit thought of using a unique Christianity-related name to use for SBM, and this was the result. (It is also worth noting that a high-ranking ace within Task Force 51 also happens to be named Archangel990; however, this is merely a coincidence.)