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Joined May 14th, 2011
Member No. 3452
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HawkbitAlpha (often referred to simply as Hawk) is a veteran SBM member who first registered in May 2011. Living in Mississippi, he is currently SBM's lead Chat Moderator, as the owner of the SBM Discord server.

The most recognizable member of Alpha Company (and a staff officer of its parent, Task Force 51), Hawk is known throughout SBM for his confrontational approaches toward those he believes to be detrimental or unwanted to the community. Since early 2017, however, he has also gained a reputation for conducting documenting operations (sometimes in cooperation with other members) in an effort to have some of the site's most maligned members banned; these have been successful, and among the members banned as a result are The DS Guy, Todd Phillips, TheWolverine, and Piston Patrick. Regardless, Hawk is also reputed for balancing out his incendiary tendencies with a quirky (and occasionally self-depreciating) sense of humor, as well as a naturally easygoing and talkative side, setting a personality standard for many members of Task Force 51.

Hawk is easily identified by his idiosyncratic posting style, consisting of usually informal, speech-like wording, references to pop culture, and frequent hotlinking to other websites (most notably, TV Tropes and RationalWiki) to underscore the content of his posts; some members of Task Force 51 have adopted this style, creating what they refer to as the "Alpha Approach" to posting. He also has a particular penchant for discussing music, being the organizer of the one-off Community Mixtape, among other things.