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Below is a list of mods and admins that patrol/patrolled the forums.[1]

Current staff

These are the current staff members that are active on the site and/or are under the admin or moderator user groups.



Chat Moderators (Discord)

Clips Moderators

Former staff

Former administrators or moderators are usually filed under a separate member group known as "Friends".

Former administrators

Former moderators


SBM Staff
spongedudeSpongey34ssj4gogita4abney317DadMom AngryPantsPhilipBSBRoxMan

Staff List

Ag3nt_DarkAiredale LadyBozyCHdo_the_spongedvdfge2iPlanktonJOE.MasterSpongeBoboMr. Fittzno username.patrick2403Patron3000Red HatSBLauraTyrannosaurusAbney

Meaning of the "Friends" designation