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Alpha Company (formerly known as Team Rage from 2011 to 2016) is a four-member "personal group" of Task Force 51 comprised of brothers AlphaWarhawk, Rangerscope, and Sir Madcatter, along with their childhood friend, Polecat. Created by the four in November 2011 as a semi-independent piece of Task Force 51, it is a closed group, and has never accepted new members.

As a very tightly-knitted quartet of forum outsiders from Task Force 51, Alpha Company has gained a reputation for hostility on SBM due to AlphaWarhawk's influence, responsible for attacking a number of SBM members (notably StormAllenBryat) in late 2013 and early 2014 for varying reasons. Their aggression resulted in TF51's arrival on the forums, beginning with the appearance of then-Commanding Officer TheGrandmaster. Although they have mostly gone past their days of targeting members, AlphaWarhawk himself remains quite active as an SBM member, serving as TF51's lead representative to the site.

Today, "Alpha Company" exists on the internet merely as an in-name-only personal group of Task Force 51, with its only purpose being to collectively refer to its four members.

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