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Séance Schméance

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Airdate:October 14, 2013
@7:00 pm EST
Season: 9
Prod. Number: 187b
Air Number: 187b
Paired With:Don't Look Now
Directors:Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas (Storyboard), Vincent Waller (Creative), Alan Smart, Tom Yasumi (Animation)
Writers:Casey Alexander, Zeus Cervas, Mr. Lawrence
Plot:SpongeBob and Patrick summons a ghost of someone who owned a restaurant where the Krusty Krab currently is.

Random Quotes (View Transcript)
"Just leave it to me, old rusty one! Prepare for a... What the barnacles is a Rusty on Rye? Let's see... R... r... r... Ramblin Ham, Red Herring, Rib Tickler, Rusty Penguin, Salty Steamer. Huh, guess I don't know how to make Rusty on Rye. But I can certainly learn! Help me out, sir. Can you clue me in on what was on your beloved Rusty on Rye?"

"Hey! I didn't summon you guys!"