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Deleted Scenes

One of the things that television and movies do best are deleted scenes. You know, those scenes that don't make the cut? Or maybe they do make it but are removed later due to controversial reasons? Yes…those deleted scenes. Well, here at SBM, we thought of dedicating a page to all those scenes that have been taken off or just never made it.

"Procrastination" - Calisthenics scene.

"Just One Bite" - Gas/Fire scene at the Krusty Krab.

"Shanghaeid" - Patrick ending

"Shanghaeid" - Squidward ending

"Mermaidman & Barnacleboy" - Citizens inside SpongeBob's body.
"Squilliam Returns" - Squidward is at his high school reunion and remembers all the times Squilliam one-upped him when they were kids.
Montage scenes - Twice as many gags as originally seen.
"Sailor Mouth" - SpongeBob tells Patrick "Go ::dolphin noise:: yourself" and Patrick tells SpongeBob "::dolphin noise:: you, too!" and thus it was removed.
"Fry Cook Games" - In other countries, the scene at the end where SpongeBob and Patrick hold hands and then grab each others shoulders is considered gay and they have removed it. (source)
"Texas" - In other countries, the line "Patrick, your genius is showing" sounds like "Patrick, your p**** is showing."